Circulars & Orders

Circulars, Departmental Orders, Directions, etc.
Covid-19 - Lock Down Extension Orders of Ministry of Home Affairs with Consolidated Revised Guidelines, dated 17/05/2020
Covid-19 - Re-opening of Toddy Shops during Lock-down Period - Instructions, dated 11/05/2020
Covid-19 - Order of Ministry of Home Affairs - Extension of Lockdown period for 2 weeks w.e.f. 04/05/2020 with new Guidelines, dated 01/05/2020
Covid-19 - Duty Arrangement of Excise Personnel on Board Unit and Special Duty, dated 16/04/2020
Covid-19 - Lock Down Extension Orders of Ministry of Home Affairs with Consolidated Revised Guidelines, dated 15/04/2020
Circular No.90/SS1/2020/GAD - Covid-19 - Preventive Measures - Consolidated Guidelines of State and Central Governments Regarding Enforcement of Lock-down, dated 11/04/2020
Covid-19 - Issuing Liquor Pass for Providing Liquor to Persons showing Alcohol Withdrawal Symptom - Guidelines, dated 31/03/2020
Covid-19 - Emergency Treatment Facility for Alcoholic Addicts, dated 27/03/2020
Renewal of FL-3, FL-11 Licences for the Financial Order 2020-21 - Guidelines, dated 26/03/2020
Covid-19 - Unavailability of Liquor due to Closure of Abkari Shops during Lock-down Period - Instructions regarding the Precautionary Measures to be taken, dated 26/03/2020
Circular No. EXC/9/2020/EXCISE - Duty Arrangements further to the Complete/ Partial Lock-downs due to Outbreak of Covid-19 - Instructions, dated 25/03/2020
Covid-19 - National wide Lock-down for 21 Days upto 14/04/2020 - Instructions regarding the Precautionary Measures to be taken in Connection with Closure of Licensed Premises, dated 25/03/2020
Covid-19 - Lock down orders of Ministry of Home Affairs with Consolidated Guidelines, dated 24/03/2020
Covid-19 - Implementation of Lock-down for Preventing Spread of Virus Infection - Precautionary Measures to ensure Safety - Instructions, dated 24/03/2020
Covid-19 - Functioning of Toddy/ Foreign Liquor Shops - Directions, dated 24/03/2020
Covid-19 - Precautionary Measures and Activities to be Enforced - Directions, dated 21/03/2020
Circular No. EXC/8/2020/EXCISE - Disposal of Conveyance involved in NDPS Cases - Procedural Formalities - Instructions Modified, dated 18/03/2020
Covid-19 - Precautionary Measures - Instructions to Foreign Liquor Licence Premises, dated 18/03/2020
Covid-19 - Precautionary Measures - Instructions to Toddy Shops, dated 18/03/2020
Circular No. EXC/7/2020/EXCISE - Toddy Shop Sale - Precautionary measures on view of Covid-19 - Guidelines, dated 16/03/2020
Circular No. EXC/6/2020/EXCISE - Release of Vehicles involved in Abkari Cases - Instructons, dated 13/03/2020
Tree Marking Colours for the year 2020-21 - No.EXC-6364/2019/XA1 dated 03/03/2020, Gazette Notification dated 10/03/2020
PRISM - Changing PSA/RRA on transfer, promotion or retirement - Directions, dated 22/01/2020
Circular No. EXC/3/2020/EXCISE - Promotion of Civil Excise Officers to the cadre of Preventive Officers on completion of age 50 years - Guidelines, dated 21/01/2020
Circular No. EXC/2/2020/EXCISE - Personal intervention of Excise Officers in Social Media - Guidelines, dated 21/01/2020
Circular No. EXC/1/2020/EXCISE - Disposal of conveyance involved in NDPS Cases - Procedural Formalities, dated 08/01/2020
Circular No. EXC/17/2019/EXCISE - Vacancies due to Promotion, Transfer or Leave - Assigning additional charge temporary to another Officer - Directions, dated 28/12/2019
Circular No. EXC/16/2019/EXCISE - Lapses in Abkari Cases by nonobservance of procedures stipulated in the Abkari Act - Instructions, dated 28/12/2019
Circular No. EXC/15/2019/EXCISE - Obtaining sanction for foreseen expenditures - Directions, dated 19/12/2019
Circular No. EXC/14/2019/EXCISE - Implementation of PRISM in Excise Department - Guidelines, dated 17/12/2019
Circular No. EXC/13/2019/EXCISE - Inspection of Toddy Transported from Palakkad to other parts of the State under Inter Division Toddy Transport Permit - Instructions, dated 13/12/2019
Circular No. EXC/9/2019/EXCISE - Issuance of SP VI, SP VII Licenses - Instructions, dated 03/12/2019
Circular No. EXCENF/595/2019/XJ3 - Christmas-New Year Special Enforcement Drive, dated 02/12/2019
Circular No. EXC/8(A)/2019/EXCISE - Functioning of Toddy Shops as per Rule 9(12) of Abkari Shops Disposal Rules, 2002 - Guidelines, dated 14/11/2019
Circular No. 7/2019 - Maintenance of Vehicles in Excise Department - Revised Guidelines, dated 13/11/2019
Circular No. 6/2019 - Correction in Circular No.5/2019 - Duties and Responsibilities of Crime Branch, dated 28/10/2019
Circular No. 5/2019 - Duties and Responsibilities of Crime Branch, dated 25/10/2019
Circular No. 4/2019 - Handling accused under custody - Correction in Circular No. 2/2019, dated 24/10/2019
Circular No. 2/2019 - Handling accused under custody - Guidelines, dated 11/10/2019
Letter No. EXCENF/496/2019-XJ3 - Chief Minister's Excise Medal 2019 - Proposals called for, dated 01/10/2019
Circular No. 3/2019 - Registration of COTPA Cases - Disposal of Thondy Articles - Instructions, dated 28/09/2019
Circular No. EXC/3124/2019-XD3 - Exemption in the Instructions and Guidelines regarding Transfer and Posting, dated 28/09/2019
Circular No. Cdn.1/190/2019/GAD - Bye Election to 5 Legislative Assembly Constituencies - Application of Model Code of Conduct, dated 26/09/2019
Order No. EXC/4201/2019-XD3 - Fixing the lean and stipend in the cadre of Excise Inspector (Trainee), Civil Excise Officer (Trainee), Women Civil Excise Officer (Trainee), dated 06/09/2019
Circular No. 1/2019 - Monitoring and Supervision of the work of Excise Check Posts, dated 02/09/2019
Circular No. EXC/3124/2019-XD3 - Transfer and Posting Office Excise Personnel - Guidelines, dated 31/08/2019
Excise Art and Sports Meet for Excise Staff and Family Members - Reconstitution of Central Committee for the year 2019-20, dated 29/07/2019
Adhoc DPC (L) Meeting 2019 - Confidential Reports of Senior Most Assistant Excise Inspectors - Called for, dated 29/06/2019
Consolidation of Daily Enforcement Details - Guidelines - Circular No. EXCENF/45/XJ9/2019, dated 26/06/2019
Entrusting the Coordination of Vimukthi Mission to Circle Inspectors of Excise, Special Squad of all Divisions - Order No. EXC/1629/2019/Vimukthi1, dated 16/04/2019
Directions regarding the Conduct of Enforcement Review Conferences - Letter No.CA/EC-29/2019, dated 26/03/2019
Circular No.XJ3/112686/2019 - Excise Enforcement during Lok Sabha Election 2019 - Directions, dated : 14/03/2019
Tree Marking Colours for the year 2019-20 - No.EXC-5727/2018/XA1, dated 13/02/2019, Gazette Notification, dated 19/02/2019
Order No.EXC/2261/2017-XG1A(2) - Wireless Code Names, dated 25/02/2019
Circular No. Rules-1/235/2018/P&ARD - Department Test Exemption as per KS&SSR Part II Rule 13B - Clarification, dated 25/07/2018
Order No.XD3-3117/2016 - Increase in CEO Training Bond, dated 29/06/2017
Circular No.EXC/4011/2017/XE5 - Excise Officials do not carry any charge in Community Trusts, dated 02/08/2017
Circular No.9/2015/Fin - KSR - Commutation of leave into another kind of leave - Clarification, dated 16/01/2015