Govt. Orders

Govt. Order No.DateSubject
GO(Ms)No.14/2019/TD06/03/2019Abkari Policy for the year 2019-20
GO(Ms)No.10/2019/TD15/02/2019Chief Minister's Excise Medals, 2018 - Addition
GO(P)No.24/2019/TD13/02/2019SRO No.117/2019 - Foreign Liquor (Amendment) Rules, 2019 - Annual Rental for Service Desk in FL3 Licensed Shops
GO(Ms)No.8/2019/TD08/02/2019Creation of Temporary Posts of Research Officer, District Coordinator and District Manager for Vimukthi Mission
GO(Ms)No.6/2019/TD30/01/2019Rehabilitation of Bar Employees - Formation of Suraksha Swayam Thozhil Project
GO(P)No.21/2019/TD28/01/2019SRO No.72/2019 - Realignment of Scheduled Limits of Toddy Shop Nos. 33 and 38 of Mamala Range of Ernakulam Division
GO(P)No.20/2019/TD28/01/2019SRO No.71/2019 - Kerala Abkari Shops Disposal (Amendment) Rules, 2019 - Re-locating of Shifted Toddy Shops
GO(Rt)No.68/2019/TD28/01/2019Shifting of Two Civil Excise Officer Posts from ERO Thalassery to ERO Iritty, Temporarily
GO(Ms)No.5/2019/TD24/01/2019Chief Minister's Excise Medals, 2018
GO(Rt)No.36/2019/TD18/01/2019Charge Arrangement made in respect of Chief Executive Officer, Vimukthi Mission
GO(Rt)No.31/2019/TD16/01/2019Reconstitution of the Board of Directors of KSBC - Appointment of Director
GO(Rt)No.25/2019/TD16/01/2019Reconstitution of the Board of Directors of KSBC - Appointment of Director
GO(P)No.10/2018/TD30/01/2018SRO No.62/2018 - Kerala Abkari Shops Disposal (Amendment) Rules, 2018 - Sale of Unsold Toddy Shops and Entrusting the Remaining Shops to the Worker's Committee
GO(Ms)No.95/2017/TD09/11/2017SRO No.701/2017 - Appointment of Officers of ERO Chittar to Register the Cases Detected in the Temporary Ranges during Sabarimala Season
GO(P)No.9/2017/ITD30/06/2017♦ IT Policy 2017 - Govt. of Kerala
GO(P)No.9/2017/ITD30/06/2017♦ IT Policy 2017 - Sub Policies and Guidelines
GO(P)No.4/2017/TD27/01/2017SRO No.47/2017 - Abkari Shops Departmental Management (Amendment) Rules, 2016 - Licence Suspension
GO(Ms)No.45/2016/TD02/04/2016Abkari Policy for the year 2016-17
GO(P)No.46/2016/TD23/03/2016SRO No.287/2016 - Notification - Entending the Period of Privilege of FL1 Shops for 2016-17
GO(Rt)No.236/2016/TD19/03/2016Closure of TS No.10 'Punnol' in Group I of Thalassery Range
GO(Ms)No.150/2015/TD22/08/2015Financial Assistance to Employees of Closed Toddy Shops, during Onam 2015
GO(Ms)No.135/2015/RD30/03/2015SRO No.261/2015 - Exempting Excise Officers from exercising the powers under Revenue Recovery Act, 1968
GO(P)No.39/2015/TD24/03/2015SRO No.153/2015 - Kerala Abkari Shops Disposal (Amendment) Rules, 2015 - Time Limit for the Remittance of Annual Rental of Toddy Shops
GO(Ms)No.114/2015/(206)/Fin17/03/2015Pay Revision 2009 - Excise Dept. - Enhancement of Uniform Allowance
GO(Ms)No.192/2012/TD09/10/2012♦ Designation Change - Civil Excise Officer
GOP 14-2017-TD
GOP 15-2016-TD
GOP 146-2018-TD
XA1 -100-2016
Go Ms 12-2013 TD
GO MS 28-2013 TD
GO ms 66-2014 - TD Neera
GO Ms 77-2012
GO Ms 161-2013 TD
GO Ms 260-2012 TD
GO Ms.No.133-2013-TD
GO P 13-2013 TD
GO P 19-2014 TD
GO P 27-2014-TD
GO P 55-2013- TD
GO P 74-2014-TD
Go p 80-2014-td
GO P 155-2014-TD
GO P 171-2014-TD
GO rt 305-2013 TD
GO Rt 683-2012 TD
GO RT 723-2014-TD
GO Rt1386-2013 AD
GOP 42-2014-TD
GOP 152-2014-TD
GOP 169-2014-TD
GOP 178-2014-TD
GOP 209-2014-TD
SRO 95,96,410-2012
SRO 238-2012
SRO 258-2012
SRO 410-2012
SRO 522-2012
SRO 575-2012
Vol I 1426-11-12-12
vol II 558 27-02-13
Vol II 915 30-3-13
Vol II 917 30.3.13
Vol II 919 30.3.13
Vol II 921 30.3.13
GOP 45-2016 TD
GoP 57-2015-TD
GOP 62-2018-TD
GOP 78-2018-TD
GOP 20-2017-TD
GOP 79-2018-TD
GOP 80-2018-TD
GoP 84-2015-TD
GOP 84-2018-TD
GOP 110-2016-TD
GOP 112-2016-TD
GoP 124-2015 - TD
GOP 127-2017-TD
GOP 128-2017-TD
GoP 130-2017-TD
GOP 145-2018-TD
GO MS 10-2014-TD
Go MS 17-2014 Neera
GO MS 41-2013 TD
GO MS 72-2013-GAD
GO ms 113-2013 TD
GO Ms 160-13 TD
GO Ms 181-2013 TD
GO MS 414-2014
GO P 6-2012 TD
GO P 14-2012 TD
GO P 24-2007-TD
GO P 39-2014-TD
GO P 48-2013-TD
GO P 79-2014-TD
GO P 91-2014-TD
GO P 163-2012 TD
GO P169-2014-TD
GO Rt 405-2013-TD
GO RT 720-2014-TD
GO Rt38-2013 TD
GOP 33-2014-TD
GOP 141-2014-TD
GOP 168-2014-TD
GOP 170-2014-TSD
GOP 208-2014-TD
GOP 212-2014-TD
SRO 231-2012
SRO 248-2012
SRO 381-2012
SRO 433-2012
SRO 574-2012
SRO 735-2012
Vol I-1262-25-12-11 Law
Vol II 882 26-3-13
Vol II 916 30.3.13
Vol II 918 30.3.13
Vol II 920 30.3.13
Vol II 3202 08.11.13
CEO bond amount
Excise COTPA go
Excise special rules
Grade ceo po
Panchayathiraj 2013
Reward Rule 2012
Sampling NDPS
Uniform Rule
GO MS 111-2015-Agri